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10 Things Successful People Do Every Night Before Sleeping

By Charles Segun Adegbite
1) Review The Day’s Activities:
Before going to bed, successful people engage in reflexive thinking by recalling how they spent the day and review it.
They quickly find out whether they succeeded in carrying out the day’s to-do-list. This is to enable them know whether the day was successful or not and to what degree? And to enable them seek improvement: Not to be sad, discouraged, but to assess themselves.
They also find out lessons they could learn from the day activities, which help them to grow and enhance their experiences in life.
2) Setting Goals For Next Day: These people won’t sleep without setting goals for the next day by drawing their to-do-list. To them life is like an ocean and the ship of their life should not sail without them, as captain, chatting a course; knowing where they are going and how to get there.
By setting goals for next day their subconscious mind will be able to work on these and come out with ideas of how to go about them.
3) They Eat Right: These people know that you are what you eat. So, they eat well nourished food that will make them have healthy body and enjoy sound sleep.
They know it is not good to be eating late. And if they are to eat late for whatever reason, it will be light food that will get digested easily.
4) Read Good Book Before Sleeping: One of the things leaders and highly successful people don’t joke with is reading good book before sleeping.
They know that their mental health and mind power depend solely on what they feed their mind with. So, they feed their mind not only with motivational information but all other mental ingredients that will help them think more and better on their goals and help them to be more creative.
5) Visualise Tomorrow’s Success: Before they sleep they visualise what they intend to achieve the following day. The strong desire to succeed the following day enter their subconscious mind and make ideas to begin to flow on how they will achieve their goals.
6) Meditate. They think deeply on what they can do for tomorrow’s success to be achieved. They meditate on their life goals and how the next day’s goals will help them accomplish their ultimate goals.
7) Disconnect From Work : When they are about to go to bed they quickly put their mind off work. They know that there is time for everything, so they don’t allow their mind to become restless or stressed up with work challenges.
They abstain from such things as reading e-mails, going through files, checking computers or doing all those things that have to do with their official work so that they can rest well. And many of them will even switch-off their telephone set or put it in silence, voicemail, e.t.c, to avoid receiving calls that would disturb their sleep.
8) Relax : Another thing successful people do before going to bed is to unwind. They don’t turn to social media on their bed. They put away laptops, Ipad or other smartphone that can hinder them from sleeping or endanger their eyes health. They completely relax their mind.
9) Pray: Highly successful people who have relationship with God know they didn’t get to where they are today by accident. They know some supernatural forces have helped them to reach where they are. They know as well that it takes God’s protection for them to be alive and for them to reach where they are still going in life.
They thank God for helping them to achieve their goals for that day, and then commit the night into God’s hands for them sleep tight and wake up peacefully. They realise that once they sleep of they are helpless and have no power over all they own until they wake up next day.
They as well commit the next day’s activities into God’s hands. They do this with the belief that God owns their life and can demand for it any day.
10) They Sleep With Optimism: No anxciety. No fear or hopelessness. Successful people sleep with optimism that the next day will be better than today. Even if they have recorded failure in a particular venture or incurred debt in a particular investment that day, they remain hopeful. So they enjoy their sleep, bearing in mind that we brought nothing into this world and will surely take nothing away.
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