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12 Secrets of billionaires who started small

Folorunsho Alakija
Folorunsho Alakija

By Charles Segun Adegbite                                                                                                       Thur. June 8, 2017

All billionaires across the world, whether you are talking of Mark Zuckerberg who founded Facebook, Larry Page and Sergey Brin who founded the Google, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Mrs. Folorunso Alakija or  Oprah Winfrey,  all have certain things in common which help them to make the billions and as well enable them retain the money. Some of those character traits are mentioned below:                           1) Have big dreams                                                             Becoming a billionaire does not come by accident. It starts with a dream; big dream. Billionaires have dream of doing something big. Such big dreams gave birth to organisations like: Walt Disney World, Facebook, Google, e.t.c. When the big dream is turned to reality, it will then begin to fetch them a lot of money.                                       2) Plan a lot                                                                                      In the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ asks the question, who among you who wants to build a tower but will not sit down first and count the cost?. Have you ever seen a billionaire who is not good in planning? Billionaires are great planners. They know that things don’t just happen. They as well surround themselves with great planners; who can develop blueprint and map out strategies.  They make strategic and tactical plans on how to generate income, and steps to take towards making the income create more wealth. Planning is not sometimes thing but a daily and constant thing.                                 3) Action oriented; don’t procrastinate                                  People who become billionaire are not procrastinators. They are action oriented people. They understand the Power of time, Power of Action, the Law of Cause and Effects, Law of Accumulation and how all these affect the results one gets in life. What they keep telling themselves is “Do it now! Do it now!!” As a result, they keep on achieving more goals, which bring more money and or open more opportunities to make more money.                                                    4) Focus                                                                                        Nobody becomes a billionaire who is easily distracted. Like an eagle aiming at catching a prey, they focus on the goals they are pursuing in life, concentrate all their energy and available resources on such goals until they hit the target.                                                Even when they want to diversify, they ensure that they have achieved success in a particular area and have put systems in place for running that venture successfully in their absence before diversifying.                                                                                           When Alhaji Aliko Dangote started his business career in 1977, he did not go straight into manufacturing of salt, sugar, flour, cement and pasta in the name of diversification. He started as a trading firm until he got the breakthrough. He began to import, then went into transportation, and continued like that.
 Mark Zukerberg Facebook founder 25.) Identify and solve problems                                      
People who grow their wealth from the scratch and become billionaires are problem solvers. They identify people’s problems and find solution to them and consequently begin to make money from them.   That was what Ted Turner did when he came out with first global TV news company that run  24 hours by establishing cable news network CNN; thereby turning the world to a global village. That was what Mark Zukerberg did when he came out with Facebook.                                       6) Passionate                                                                                     Nobody ever made millions and use it well to make billion who is not passionate about what he or she does. Passion increases one’s energy while sluggishness drains energy and makes one become weak.                                                                                      7) Time conscious                                                              Time is more precious than money. While money can be recovered when lost, time cannot. Self made billionaires are aware of this truth and guide the use of their time jealously.    Those who become billionaire invest their time on things that will bring high returns. They see 24hours of each day as huge resources and carefully exchange each minute and hour on things that will increase their wealth.
Bill Gates
Bill Gates: Founder of Microsoft

8)  Self disciplined     One major secret of billionaires who started small is their level of discipline. They are highly disciplined when it comes to money, use of their time, association they keep, their attitude to work, the use of their mind, among others.                      9) Work hard and smart                                                                                                  One thing that is common to all millionaires, billionaires and successful people is hard work. Nobody joins this group of people who is lazy.                                                                                                However, billionaires are not just hard working, but smart. Moving from being a millionaire, to billionaire level require smartness.                                                                                                  They know the 24 hours available per day can never been increased; so they device smart ways to work faster and make more money.                                                                                             10) Excellent manager                                                                 People who make money and become billionaires are excellent managers. They know how to manage their money, time, body, mind, emotions, human and other resources at their disposal. They as well know how to manage other people’s money, time, and other resources under their control. They are astute and prudent.                                                                               11) They think a lot                                                                    How can I turn this situation around? How can I make more profits? What strategies can we use to solve this problem?  People who make billions are good thinkers. They ask a lot of questions and find answers to those questions. They think, think and strategies. Of course, thinking faster, deeper and strategically are all they do daily. 12) Great investor                                                                         You cann’t see any billionaire anywhere in the world who is not a great investor. Neither can you see anyone who started small and became a billionaire overnight.  It takes ability to invest wealth of knowledge, time and every profit they make to create more money. They have excellent ability to save. They understand the Law of Addition, Law of Multiplication and Law of Accumulation  They know the cumulative effects of savings and how it helps to accumulate wealth, unlike people who squander.