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90-yr-old sex slave dies in China

A 90-year-old Chinese comfort woman,  Huang Youliang, allegedly forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II is dead.
      The nonagenarian war victim died last Saturday in her home in Yidui Village in China’s southern island province of Hainan, bringing the number of surviving “comfort women” to 14 on the Chinese mainland.
      According to a Chinese foremost newspapers, Global Times,Huang was raped when the Japanese troops invaded her hometown in October 1941 when she was 15-year-old .
     She was later put into a brothel and forced to have sex with Japanese soldiers for two years.
      Huang and seven other “comfort women” in July 2001 “sued the Japanese government, demanding an apology, but the Japanese court repeatedly rejected their appeals over the past decade, claiming that individuals have no right to sue the state”, Global Times reported.
    Some 400,000 women in Asia were allegedly forced into sexual slavery (termed comfort women) by the Japanese army during World War II, nearly half of whom were Chinese.
    Efforts by 24 Chinese “comfort women” to sue the Japanese government in four cases since 1995 had failed as the government allegedly refused to acknowledge legal responsibility for the issue.

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