President Xi prepares China for stronger military dream, apparently to rule the world …As PLA Force plans for five years.

By Charles Segun Adegbite

China President Xi Jinping has urged senior officers and delegates of the first Party congress of the People’s Liberation Army Joint Logistic Support Force to buckle up and push for new progress towards fulfilling the dream of a strong military.
This obviously was a step towards building a stronger armed forces to achieve the “military dream”

What is the military dream all about? This is the question Xi is in a better position to answer, in view of the obvious rivalry between China and America in the global scene, and the military might of Russia in Asia.

The joint support force has been described as a major milestone for deepening the PLA’s reform of its command and logistics system.

This Force has been tasked with providing modern logistical support-ranging from sanitation to transportation-to the PLA as it transforms itself into a world-class fighting force.

US President Donald Trump had on September 18, in a tweet described USA as having by far the strongest military might and being the biggest economy.

President Xi on October 1 had, perhaps in response to the tweet, displayed the military might of the country in commemoration of the 70th birthday of New China.

It was at the grand military parade that more than 300 logistics personnel from the support force marched in formation for the first time.

At the congress last Wednesday held in Wuhan, delegates discussed the development of the joint logistics support force, beginning with when it was established in September 2016 and the plan for the next five years.

Xi at the congress said,”…Let all of us, the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, come together, keep going, and create a mighty force that enables us to realize the Chinese Dream”.

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