I refused to join politics because I can’t lie or steal -Chief Idowu Sofola(SAN)

By Charles Segun ADEGBITE

Legal icon and President of Yoruba Council of Elders, Chief Idowu Sofola has disclosed that he refused to join politics for over 50years of being a lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria because he doesn’t know how to lie or steal.
He told Successful People Magazine on Saturday at his Ikenne, Ogun State residence that he knew he would not excel as a politician if he joins politics because Nigeria politics is full of lying, stealing and bitterness.
Sharing his success story in his legal practice, Sofola said he became a Senior Advocate of Nigeria not through the influence of anybody but hard work and grace of God.
“I have refused to be in politics all my years because I found that I could not be a good politician. I cannot tell lies and I cannot steal”
“If you cann’t steal, lie and all that you may not excel in Nigeria politics. As far as I’m concerned corruption is everywhere in Nigeria. In the market, church, local government, religious organisations. Everywhere.” he said.
“I do not agree with the way of politics in Nigeria: Politics of bitterness. Some said what is the point leaving politics for the corrupt people and I said what is the politics going into something you will not be happy with? They can even finish you.” He added.
He expressed concern that corruption is rooted deeply in every sector of Nigeria so much that fighting it always bring serious war against the corruption fighters.
“What we need to do is pray for a change of mind by our people.”
He disclosed that when Chief Obafemi Awolowo, whose house in Ikenne, Ogun State is very close to his (nearly adjacent, on same street) told him to join the judiciary towards becoming a judge.
On the values of Senior Advocates of Nigeria being produced from Ikenne the octogenarian lawyer who has been in legal practice for over have a century said:
“Both late Chief Obafemi Awolowo (SAN) and my late brother Kehinde Sofola (SAN) were at different times members of the Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committees, the body that recommend members for the rank of SAN.
“Chief Awolowo never sat on that body for once and I asked him why and he said he didn’t want to because if any member of the Action Group is recommended they will say he must have influenced it.” Sofola said.
“So Awolowo never influenced the appointment of any Ikenne man to become a SAN. Likewise when my brother was a member of the committee I applied for a number of times and I was not considered”
“If it is a matter of helping ourselves I would have been considered during the years my brother was a member of the committee” he added.
The legal luminary made it clear that there was no lawyer from Ikenne who became SAN in Nigeria who was not qualified.
He pointed out that they all got there through merit and grace of God.


  1. Great work Charles. Glad to see this. It’s just unfortunate that corruption has eaten deep into our politics and we don’t seem to have a head way just yet.


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